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Whilst trying to add a Server 2012 Hyper-V host into System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 SP1 recently I was receiving the error 414 “Agent installation could not access the ADMIN$ share on server Checking the ADMIN$ share from explorer revealed that I was prompted for connection credentials but my Domain Admin account still […]

Hello, Recently I was working with a customer where we had very sporadic remote management related problems to random Hyper-V hosts that were deployed on Windows Server 2012. The affected servers would occasionally drop off from Server Manager (host not contactable, or data retrieval errors) and additional when trying to add the nodes to a […]

Hi There, I spent some time recently upgrading a WS2012 Hyper-V 3.0 cluster from RC to RTM. This was a four node cluster and my process was to evict a node, rebuild and then add the node back into the cluster. All went relatively smoothly until I wanted to add the cluster back in to SCVMM. I […]

Hi There, I recently upgraded a customers VMM infrastructure from RC2 to RTM and had a couple of issues with the bare-metal deployments that I had previously configured. I was able to initiate a bare-metal build, and PXE boot the machine but as it was starting to provision I had an error relating to certificates; […]

Hi There, Whilst working on a bare-metal build for a Hyper-V host (based on HP blades with iLO 3) today using SCVMM 2012 and Host Profiles I came across the following error; An out of band operation (IPMI) for the BMC <FQDN> failed The obvious first line of troubleshooting is to check the IP address […]

Hi there, The above message pops up from time to time when attempting to remotely administer a Hyper-V server from another machine, particularly if the machine you are attempting to access is in another domain or in a workgroup. First things first, make sure all of the config is correct on the Hyper-V server itself […]

The following TechNet Wiki links contains a number of very useful tools for Hyper-V, some of my favourites; Core Configurator 2.0 – makes configuring Server Core or Hyper-V Server much easier Disk2VHD – for creating VHDs from physical disks – very useful for the new Host Profile feature in VMM 2012 Wim2VHD – in a […]

So you’ve created your VM and know you would like to create a template so this VM can be distributed onto multiple VM’s. SCVMM will take care of this for you, so there is no need to sysprep your machine as the template procedure does all this for you. Please Beware that creating a template […]