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Microsoft Teams PSTN Calling… Ready, Steady, Wait.

On the 12th day of Christmas (see what I’m doing here?) my true love gave to me…. PSTN Calling in Microsoft Teams. On the 12th December 2017 to be exact, and there’s been a flurry of Twitter activity and accompanying blog posts to aid us in digesting the latest and probably greatest Teams feature thus […]

Always on VPN – Improved DirectAccess

Fairly recently I was involved in the implementation of an Always on VPN solution with Windows 10, a relatively new offering from Microsoft. The customer was moving away from a 3rd party VPN solution which had its own back end hardware, consumed expensive licenses, and took up IT support time deploying a 3rd party VPN […]

De-risk SQL Server database migration with the Database Experimentation Assistant

What is it? The Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA) is an A/B testing solution from Microsoft for quantifying the effects of SQL Server migration. At the time of writing, the latest version is 2.1.  The DEA tool helps to evaluate the effects on database performance, of database migration between different SQL Server instances. The analysis can […]

Exchange Online Migrations – PAWsitive update

First off, apologies for the pun… Secondly, there is some new functionality to the way Exchange Online migrations are handled. Protocol Agnostic Workflow (PAW) adds some enhancements to the migration experience, you can read more about it here. The functionality should be available within your tenant, if not, follow the steps in the above link […]

Domain Controller decommissioning – a new problem (part 2)

In the previous blog I outlined an issue we came across with Direct Access when decommissioning a customer’s final legacy domain controllers after a domain upgrade. To summarize part 1 our own DA testing had worked, but come the morning and live users logging on via DA, 90% of clients could connect and access corporate […]

Domain Controller decommissioning – a new problem (part 1)

I have done a few domain upgrades over the years, but during a recent project where we had introduced new Windows 2016 domain controllers (DCs) for a client I discovered something I had never come across before. At a high level, the normal things I would look out for when decommissioning domain old controllers are […]

Adventures in Office 365 PowerShell

I’ve been pretty busy over the past few months and one of the engagements I had, was to automate a set of Office 365 migrations for a customer using PowerShell. The engagement started off with a design workshop led by a colleague James Brewster. Corey Goodchild, Joe Majoros and myself worked with the customer to establish […]

Azure App Service vNet Intergration and ExpressRoute

While reviewing a recent customer design we spotted a problem. The design used Azure App Service vNet Integration with an ExpressRoute. vNet Integration is a feature of App Services that allows an App to create an SSL VPN to an Azure VPN Gateway. This allows the App to access resources on an Azure Virtual Network or […]

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