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Combining Cloud PBX Call Queues and Auto Attendants

With the increase in popularity of Skype for Business Online Cloud PBX (as it is known for now…), I have been approached on many occasions and often presented with pushback, around the limitations of Cloud PBX Call Queues. My first response is quite simple – they aren’t designed to replace an enterprise grade business contact […]

Move user from Skype for Business Online Failed

Issue: When trying to move a user from Skype for Business Online to Skype for Business Server, the following error was being output in the Skype for Business Server Control Panel – “Index was outside the bounds of the array” – not the most helpful issue to troubleshoot! Troubleshooting: A customer had recently requested support for […]

Make your wastage work harder, diversify your revenue streams. Businesses have been doing it for over 100 years – just ask Marmite.

As with all digital transformation content, it’s sometimes easy to get caught ‘blue sky thinking’ without thinking of the short-term viability of ideas. The difficulties come from the spectrum of understanding and ability to really make deep change in an organisation, while some truly agile organisations such as Amazon can spin up new business ideas […]

Third Party PBX and Exchange Online Unified Messaging Discontinued support

Microsoft have recently made the announcement that support will be withdrawn, as of July 2018, for third-party PBX systems (Cisco, Avaya, Siemens etc.) to leverage Exchange Online Unified Messaging (UM) via a Session Border Controller (SBC). Today, as shown below, many organisations provide voicemail functionality via Exchange Online UM to the end users mailbox or […]

Controlling Caller ID with Cloud PBX

At the end of last month we were introduced to some additional Cloud PBX functionality around Call Queues and Auto Attendants. As part of these updates we now have the ability “To protect user anonymity, by allowing users to make outbound calls on behalf of an Auto Attendant or Call Queue”, which in layman’s terms […]

Download your IT skills directly like Neo

Sometimes, you need to upskill quickly. There’s not one IT professional (or human for that matter) who has watched The Matrix and not wished they could download a language or skill directly into their brain. Unfortunately, as close as we are coming to some Sci-Fi technologies, we are some way off that particular scene becoming […]

Don’t forget your license – Learn to fly

Investing in a new innovative technology solution can be a key investment for an organisation, it can mean the difference between profit and loss, employees succeeding and failing, customers saying yes or no. It is no exaggeration to say that every industry is now in some way moving to the digital age, and those industries […]

Sonus Cloud Link – We failed to run publish-ccappliance

During the deployment of a slave CCE appliance when it came to the last step I received an error message: We failed to run Publish-CCAppliance. I waited around 5 minutes and ran the step again and it completed successfully and the appliance started handling calls, I was unable to see what the Management service was […]

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