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No connectivity with any of Web Conferencing Edge Servers when you install May 2017 .NET Framework Update on a Skype/Lync Front End Server

Had an interesting one recently where we installed the May 2017 Windows updates on our test Skype environment and screen sharing no longer worked. When investigating we were seeing the following error in the event logs on our Skype front end server: After uninstalling the updates, the issue was resolved. We raised this with Microsoft […]

Fun with DKIM

I recently carried out an Office 365 Proof-of-Concept for one of our local government customers. Whilst I was there, I discovered that emails sent from the on-premises mail servers to myself were working fine but emails from the Office 365 tenant were not getting through. A quick trawl through the Office 365 Message Trace shows […]

Does your business have self-service BI?

Many organisations take a supplier/consumer approach to BI. A BI team, often part of the IT department, maintains a backlog of dashboard/report requests from the business and delivers on these. Access to the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and reporting tools is limited to a few BI professionals. Whilst there are some benefits to this approach, […]

Call Analytics for Skype for Business Online available in preview

New Call Analytics functionality is currently in preview for Skype for Business Online and should hopefully be available for all tenants to try, subject to admin permissions via Call Analytics is similar to the SQL reports available for Skype for Business Server, searching for a user is quick and once found shows the number […]

Moving to the cloud.. Where do I start?

Everyone goes on about the cloud and how you need to hurry up and move… but what a lot of organisations struggle to understand is what to move and how to move it? Companies usually do not have the resources internally to assess their estate of applications and do not have the technical ability to […]

The many faces of Azure

Microsoft Azure has become ubiquitous with modern computing, and often it is easy to think Azure simply means ‘Microsoft Cloud. I.E. “We need to move to Azure” is the same as saying “We need to move to the cloud”. This is absolutely not the case, and Azure is more akin to a brand of computing […]

Don’t get Caught on the Transformation Treadmill

Digital transformation is such a heavily used buzzword in 2017, it is becoming a catch all phrase to mean ‘doing something good with technology’. All firms know that they need to transform, keep up with competitors, delight customers as well as understanding that digital technology is the key to unlocking these newfound services and insights. […]

Use GDPR as an opportunity to understand what you really know about your customers

With several hot topics surrounding IT at the moment there are two which have been gaining momentum – Data & Analytics and GDPR. Unsurprisingly, the key driving force is that good data is turning into more of a goldmine than oil extractions in the modern age. (As explained in this article in The Economist: […]

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