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Use GDPR as an opportunity to understand what you really know about your customers

With several hot topics surrounding IT at the moment there are two which have been gaining momentum – Data & Analytics and GDPR. Unsurprisingly, the key driving force is that good data is turning into more of a goldmine than oil extractions in the modern age. (As explained in this article in The Economist: […]

Words of Wisdom (or Warning)

Last week I was at a customer to carry out an Exchange server upgrade. This customer was still running Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 across three servers as they hadn’t been patched since their installation. The nice thing about Exchange 2010 SP2 is that Microsoft supply a script that allows someone like myself to isolate […]

Administrating DirectAccess without Domain Admin Privileges

So we had a requirement recently whereby we wanted to restrict the amount of Domain Admins we had in our Active Directory domain. One of the issues we came across is users who aren’t members of Domain Admins not being able to open the Remote Access Management console to administer our DirectAccess implementation. These users […]

Aligning your business with Dynamics 365

Dynamics365 is one of the most under-appreciated Microsoft products, with many brushing it off as just another CRM solution. It’s so much more than this however, with capabilities to completely align a business from the origins of a sale to a project’s closedown. Every business department can implement data into CRM, all of which can […]

Drive digital transformation with Dynamics 365

Discover the benefits of connecting your organisation across all departments, by bringing together people, data and processes all within Dynamics 365. The Dynamics 365 suite can integrate with Office 365 and consists of intelligent business applications that manage and run your entire business whilst better engaging customers. What makes Dynamics 365 unique is that it […]

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