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Azure App Service vNet Intergration and ExpressRoute

While reviewing a recent customer design we spotted a problem. The design used Azure App Service vNet Integration with an ExpressRoute. vNet Integration is a feature of App Services that allows an App to create an SSL VPN to an Azure VPN Gateway. This allows the App to access resources on an Azure Virtual Network or […]

“Teams” has it made a difference to me?

I have been using Teams for a while now so thought I would share my experience so far. To do this I want to break it down into a few topics, the client, communications, extensibility and then finally has “Teams” made a difference for me. The Client To start then let’s look at the client […]

Removing a domain from Office 365

I recently came across a problem removing a domain from a office 365 tenancy. The customer was moving a SMTP domain from one office 365 tenancy to another. Users were sync’d to the source tenancy via AAD Connect. This was disabled to enable us to remove the domain from all objects in the tenancy (we […]

Exchange 2016/Hybrid Infrastructure Update

Architecture – Server Roles . Exchange 2016 has reduced the number of server roles to two: The Mailbox and Edge Transport server roles with the Edge Transport being optional. In combining the client access server, hub transport roles into the mailbox role, this means Exchange servers in the environment can be the same hardware. This […]

Legacy Public Folder Migrations and Aliases

Recently I completed a legacy Public Folder migration from Exchange 2007 to 2013 and there was one thing that made the entire process painful….aliases. The migration will fail during the Initial Seeding if a public folder is encountered with invalid characters in the alias. In my migration I encountered roughly 3000 invalid aliases in 5000 […]

Increase Recoverbale Items Folder Space in Exchange Online

I find that placing mailboxes on hold in Exchange Online, with the new Retention Policies or in-place/litigation hold in Exchange, is the preferred method for journaling and backup and recovery in Office 365. Placing mailboxes on hold retains all email. If an email is deleted it is moved to the recoverable items folder and it […]

Microsoft Exchange Edge Address Rewrite with Exchange Online

I’ve not used the address rewrite functionality with Microsoft Exchange Edge servers before but had the requirement from a customer to perform a rewrite for email to specific domains when their mailboxes are hosted in Exchange Online. To do this, we require email to be routed back on-premises to a Microsoft Exchange Edge server, which […]

Audio Conferencing Overview Diagram

Microsoft Audio Conferencing; how can you not love a feature that’s so high impact, requires such minimal configuration, and enhances meeting experiences so greatly.  Formerly known as PSTN Conferencing, the service is now available through the Microsoft Teams application as well as Skype for Business Online, and provides a means by which meeting participants can dial-in […]

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